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A session with me:


My goal for my clients is to help you work through the things holding you back from being the kind of man that you want to be (and buried deeply already are). Therapy for gay men is not:


Me telling you that you are bad and need to change who you are.

Me telling you that you are a great person and everyone else is the problem.

Me telling you that you that I am going to fix you.

Me telling you that you need to accept yourself just as you are, and everything will magically get better.



We will meet for your initial session to get a sense of what your needs are where I can help. This session will be 75 minutes to cover paperwork and get to know each other. Subsequent sessions will be 60 minutes. We will meet weekly for the first several weeks. If you are paying, payment is collected at the end of each session and the next session is scheduled. I am excited to help clients who want to have more satisfying relationships with themselves, family, friends, and other men. What we process in our sessions is 100% confidential. You may feel vulnerable at the start, but our timing, how we approach the process, and how we proceed will be based on your needs.


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