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My name is Richard. I learned early on how to be a “good little boy” so I wouldn’t be rejected or abandoned for being gay (a horrible thing in the 70’s and 80’s). I learned to hate myself, be someone else publicly, live a wild and rebellious secret life, and then feel a lot of shame about that too. With a lot of guidance and self-work I have come to embrace more of who I really am (free, wild, loving, tender, spiritual, passionate man!!).


I studied social work at Rutgers University with a focus on working with adult survivors of childhood abuse. Honestly, I did not assume that because I am a gay man that I would automatically want to work with other gay men.  At first, I worked in a Men’s trauma program. There I worked with men struggling with the impacts of various traumatic experiences.  I have worked with young adults struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety and substance use in the community and at a university counseling center.


Rutgers University Master of Social Work

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


I work with adult gay men who have repressed, avoided, hated, and masked over who they are out of fear of more hurt and pain. Then to find out that this hurt so much that they managed their lives with more unhelpful strategies like drugs, alcohol, crazy relationships, isolation, “dating” apps, self-hatred, working too much or overachieving.  


If you have a hunch that underneath all this pain and confusion you are someone that you might like that can feel more connected, freer, and happier now, give me a call.


Richard Carlson, LCSW

Transformation Psychotherapist @ Carlson Psychotherapy



Rutgers University School of Social Work


Augustana College

I attended Rutgers University School of Social Work and focused my studies on working with adult survivors of childhood abuse. 

I graduated from Augustana College in Rock Island Illinois in 1993. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts focused on Studio Art: ceramics and fibers. 

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