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Richard Carlson

Transformational Psychotherapist

I help adult gay men live without fear, pain, confusion, and self-destructing.


My clients struggles as you do. Despite being more accepted by society, having more freedom to live out of the closet at work, with family, and to marry, life remains very difficult.


When they first come in, they share how they see other men seemingly living more freely, dating, being out to family, friends, and at work, but they share their fears of coming out.


Others share how they are “out” to friends, family, co-workers, but they cannot find, connect with, or maintain a relationship with another man.


Still more say how, despite less homophobia and more societal acceptance, they don’t like themselves and are confused about how their lives continue to be so difficult.


Their symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, shame, and self-loathing gets in the way of the life they want in so many ways. They are not the kind of man they want to be. They feel like they’re failing at being a man, a gay man that feels more content, connected, and confident. Unfortunately, their confidence in living a fuller, happier, life is waning.


Before they came to see me, they wondered if they even needed therapy, or they were living the life they deserved or just unlucky. They worried if I would judge them for how they were living their lives by hooking up using “dating” apps, bathhouses, “massage parlors”, drugs, or porn. And they were fairly certain that in some way they deserved the life they were living. Living  with a false guilt, shame and self-loathing is a recipe for living a life of struggle.


Like my clients, you deserve to have more self-love, contentment, and satisfying relationships with others.


Living a life with deeper connections, more real freedom, and dignity is within your reach.


If you want to overcome your tired old patterns of using alcohol, drugs, porn, apps and accept yourself more fully I would love to help you get there.


Call or email me.



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